1. Create a moving plan with scheduled dates for packing and have a moving budget.
  2. 5-tips-for-planning-a-move-1Do lots of purging and then schedule your donation pick-ups at least 2 weeks before your actual moving date to let others benefit.generic-donation-truck
  3. Create a color coordinated packing plan and label each room’s boxes accordingly.colorcoded-legend1
  4. Check your rental/homeowners policy before purchasing any additional moving insurance.  In most cases it is unnecessary to purchase moving insurance.
  5. What-to-Know-Before-Buying-Homeowners-InsuranceHave your move scheduled in each Management office of both locations and confirm that your Movers Insurance documents have been received. Be sure to have elevator padded.30903020-moving-day-words-circle-marked-on-a-calendar-by-a-red-pen-Stock-Vector6. Schedule disconnecting/connecting of utilities: cable, electric, home heating, internet and telephone service well in advance.nippers-cutting-wire-194877237. Change your mailing address via www.usps.comPrint8. Stop buying unnecessary groceries for at least 2 weeks prior to moving. Be sure to defrost your freezer a day ahead and clean out your fridge a week ahead.20130213-1204529. Make proper arrangements for small children and pets not to be on-site during moving day.Smiling children embracing sleeping dog and cat10. Make floor layout plans for your new residence and have multiple copies ready to give out to your movers and anyone else who will be onsite, hang one on the door of each room with a bolded title- OFFICE.
    09c741f924f80ae7303d29dd78623d1911. In prep for moving day:  have cash ready for tipping movers, have bedding and towels  easily accessible and be sure to  pack overnight bags for each family member add in there important docs , electronics, chargers and jewelry.Abstract fanning Large Stack of One Dollar Bills12. When ordering anything new to be delivered to your new home, make sure it is after moving day, whenever possible.living-durablend-cafe-sofa-and-loveseat13. Last but not least, remember to have all the daily items that we use regularly, soap, paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo and toiletries in a box that you take yourself.Couple packing bags in trunk of car for roadtrip.