With year’s of experience moving, staging, and organizing people’s homes, Marla has acquired many 123memories which she holds dear to her heart. Below are Marla’s top 5 favorite 123organize memories!

1. Organizing: 

I am truly passionate about simplifying people’s lives. In many instances that means helping people organize. My one client in Rye, Judy said it best with this testimonial : “I love when you  come over to help me organize. it motivates me so. I feel that organizing and purging is not a task when I work with you rather more like having fun with a friend. I couldn’t have done this without you!  Your positive disposition and abundance of energy is contagious.”


2. Settling-in/unpacking: 

We did a special favor to one of our long devoted super sweet clients. We headed to Pennsylvania for a one day 123 unpack/set up your house like no one else can. Upon arrival we immediately went into divide and conquer mode. There were boxes everywhere and really know semblance of order throughout the home. By the time we left, there were only a few boxes remaining in the garage that they themselves needed to handle. As we were heading out the door, our happy client Lisa gave us a parting quote, ” What you and your 123organize team completed in a 6 hour day, would have taken me 6 months.”


3. Staging…

One of my well-established clients, Jackie from Purchase, NY, said after we staged her large home in one week that “it was the best money she ever spent”.  We went through and organized her many closets and purged the basement and kitchen. Before we concluded, we took care of some minor repairs and changes, hired the painter, and made each room more spacious and appealing. Her home sold within three weeks of being put on the market.  She was so happy that she referred us to 2 of her friends that were in need of staging and moving help too.


4. Pack/Move/Pack-in… 

Handling a move in just 3 short days gave me a great sense of accomplishment. One to pack, one to move and one to unpack. Taking care of my client’s needs from start to finish. Once the moving van pulled away until the time we had her completely unpacked was less than 24 hours. She couldn’t believe that at the end of day two, we took care of making the beds and equipping the bathrooms with all that was needed before leaving that evening.


5. Off to the Hamptons we must go…

In one day we set up our client’s Hampton rental home for the season: unpacked, organized systems, made sure they had everything they needed. They arrived to washed linens, made beds, drawers filled and closets color-coordinated, an organized kitchen and not a single box in sight. They simply felt right at home from the moment they arrived.

Are you a 123organize client? Comment below with your favorite 123memory!