12 Month Organizing Challenge: Attics

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Now is the perfect time to organize your attic!

The crisp Fall weather has cooled off the heat from the Summer. Get in now before the Winter cold settles in.
Read on for some great tips to help you declutter your attic in the most effective and efficient way possible.

1. Clear it all out of the attic.
Attic spaces can sometimes feel cramped so it is helpful to have a designated space where you can assess all the items that have been stored. Once everything is removed you can take advantage and give the space a thorough cleaning.
2. Sort everything into categories.
Here’s where the fun begins! Start by sorting what you want to keep and what is no longer needed. Anything that you are no longer using can be purged. Things that you come across may have sentimental value. If you find yourself spending too much time on where to “sort” these types of items, set them aside to review them later.

3. Create specific zones for specific items
It is a good idea to keep similar items together.  If you store extra blankets and pillows in your attic, keeping those together is wise. Luggage would then be in another “zone”, holiday items in another.  Labeling any storage containers or boxes will help in finding items when you are looking for them.
5. Use containers that seal nice and tight.
Conditions in attics can leave your stored items exposed to moisture and temperature changes. Investing in quality bins will protect your treasured items while creating the ability to neatly stack them.

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