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No, we maintain relationships with many reputable movers to move the contents of your home. We are available to assist you in preparing you and your items for your move (including packing), and then to settle you into your new home (unpacking and organizing) on the other end of the move. With our extensive experience, we will be able to expediently obtain accurate moving quotes based on your specific moving needs, oversee all logistics of your move on both ends, and coordinate with your building management when applicable.

Yes, we accept credit cards.  Just let us know before we send your invoice.  There is a 3% processing fee.

We love pets! We’re happy to work while they are home, but we always ask that they are not home on Moving Day.  If possible, especially on walk-throughs, we ask that pets are safely in a separate area of the home, so they are not underfoot..

You can! That said, we recommend you let us take care of it! Hiring a mover can be time consuming and confusing, so we try to make the process as stress-free as possible. The inventory (including your total final packed box count and all furniture) needs to be accurate for an accurate price up front. There are also many logistics involved with moving inside apartment buildings. We take care of all of the details, so you don’t have to.

We are happy to work with them for the other parts of your move. We can still work with them for on-site move day coordination…and anything else!

We both fill and empty boxes, but the 123organize approach is very different. At our heart, we are an organizing business, and we embody those same goals in everything we do. Our color coordinated, specific inventory and packing methods allow us to replicate dresser drawers, cabinets, closets, bathrooms, nightstands, etc. with ease when we unpack. Our care and attention to detail mean that, even if we pack all your boxes and put them into storage, you can easily locate any item you might need to access in the interim.
-Our Elite Unpack service ensures everything is done with an eye towards organization. We create and install systems to ensure that your home is beautiful in a way that you can maintain sustainably!

Absolutely not! We can do it all and be your agents throughout the process.

Nope! Usually they are included in your quote from the moving company (when discussed ahead of time), but we are also able to arrange them for you. You do not need to supply your own boxes or materials.

-A flat rate is a total project rate for all of the comprehensive services that 123organize will provide for you. There are no hidden fees or overtime, so both you and our team won’t be “watching the clock” the whole time.
-Your flat rate is determined by a walk-through and/or photos of your home as well as a discussion of the full scope of services you require. The rate takes into account the full scope of the project and it’s requirements, based on the information you provide us.

Third party services (junk removal, shredding, etc.), movers, purchases not discussed and included in the contract, storage unit rentals, shipping fees (ie. UPS).

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