Situations where we help our seniors:

  • Downsizing
  • Moving into Assisted Living
  • Relocating to another state/across the country
  • Moving into a child’s home

  How we help the families of our seniors and their families:

  1.  We are your Family Move Manager
    • We specialize in family communications every step of the way
    • We are experts in navigating family dynamics through this challenging transition
  2. We are the pros; we know what has to happen!
    • Sorting through a lifetime of memories can be overwhelming.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the important decisions of what to keep, what to donate, what to shred, toss or recycle, and how to best redirect items to multiple family members.
    • Packing: We’re the experts AND the muscle
      • Packing is hard and physical.  Let us do the bending, lifting, and carrying for you.
      • We create a digital inventory for you.  This is an extremely helpful tool for planning storage, and for remote access for family members.
    • Move Management:
      • Obtaining move quotes, compiling moving inventories, and coordinating building regulation logistics is time consuming, stressful, and confusing.
      • We are the experts at streamlining a smooth and pain free move.  We’ll handle all the logistics!
      • We will create your furniture floor plan to allow you to get the most out of your new living space.
      • With on-site Move Day Management, you hand us the keys to your old and new home, and we handle the rest. 
    • Unpacking
      • Unpacking is hard and physical too.  Let us do the bending, lifting, and carrying for you on the other end as well!
      • Arranging and unpacking a lifetime of belonging in a new and smaller space takes organizational vision and and spatial planning skill.  We know how to maximize your space and convenience, minimize clutter, and ultimately, simplify and beautify your life.