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Make Back to School a breeze!

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1. Twice a year we need to clear out our clothing closets to assess what fits and what’s outgrown. There’s no greater feeling than having what you needwhen you need it, especially for children.

2. Make room for those new school clothes by donating old, outgrown outfits from last year!

3. Beat the back to school rush by buying school supplies now!
 Items to Buy:
-Backpack                     -Index Cards          -Binders for each subject
-Pens/Pencils               -Markers                   (or spiral notebooks)
-Erasers                         -Folders                 -Looseleaf Paper
-Lunchbag                    -Highlighters          -Scissors/Glue (younger kids)
– Fresh Socks              – New Shoes           -Undergarments / new clothing!

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