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Give yourself a pat on the back! Donating your clothing and items is a wonderful way to help people while decluttering at the same time. And, to make your donation day go as smoothly as possible, we’ve got some helpful tips:
1. Know the difference
 In an ideal world, every unwanted item of ours could be someone else’s treasure. However, if an item is broken, stained or too worn-out, it likely won’t be accepted as a donation. Before you toss that piece into the trash, try to find a textile recycling bin – future fashionistas will thank you. Pro tip: certain items, like blankets and towels are always appreciated by animal shelters!
2. Call ahead
It’s always a good idea to call the charitable organization you’re donating to in advance. Sometimes they will specifically request a certain category of items and will often have a distribution schedule. This can avoid unnecessary donation trips.
3. Be seasonal
Oftentimes, charities only have the space and resources to hold a certain number of items. To help them out, donate seasonal pieces. For example, summer dresses, sunglasses, etc. in spring/summer. Most organizations can only accept bathing suits and underwear that have tags on and are unworn.
4. Save your time and others’
If you’ve already organized donations in labeled boxes, consider donating the box along with the items. This will save volunteers’ precious time when sorting items. And, if certain boxes aren’t accepted, you can keep them for future use, reducing your need to sort them, too!

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