Flipping Your Closet From Spring to Summer


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Follow these steps:

1.  Evaluate: Remove everything from the closet so that you can really see everything you are working with.

2. Cut the clutter: Separate your shoes and accessories from your clothing, and ask yourself a few questions:
Is this still in style?
Will you wear it this year?
Did you wear this last year?
Does this still fit you?
Do you have multiple duplicates of the same item, that you don’t need to hang on to?

3. Store your out of season clothing.
Only store clothing you will wear again!  If you answered “no” to the questions in Step 2, you don’t need to store the items and waste valuable space (and time).  It may feel easier to throw everything into a bin without sorting first, but you’ll be happy when you don’t have to deal with it later on.

When storing your out of season clothing, make sure it’s easy to find!  Consider clear storage bins.  Label everything on the outside so you know exactly what’s inside.
Store items by season: if you have winter coats vs. fall coats, winter gloves and hats vs. fall sweaters, it can be helpful to store them in separate containers.  If you go beyond the warm vs. cold weather organizing, you can avoid having to pull out all your puffy down coats and snow shoveling gloves in September, and wait until you really need them.

4. Organize: Color coordinate and place things in order of when you would wear them so they don’t get lost in the closet! 
1st- Put items like, tank tops, t-shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. together.  Gather from all around your house as well (ie. multiple closets)
2nd- Organize each category by color: this will make finding things go even faster

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