Little Changes, Big Difference

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In the spirit of romantic February, this month is about falling in love with your home all over again! The best part? You can achieve this by making small changes that will have your space feeling brand new. Read our tips for little adjustments that have a huge impact.

1. Hang new curtains

Chances are it’s been a while, if ever, since you’ve changed your curtains. They tend to be one of those things that are overlooked—which is a shame, since they can make such a statement to your decorating scheme! Keeping in mind the aesthetic of your room, why not go for a bold print or color to liven up the space?

2. Change up your bedspread
Speaking of bedroom decor, your bedspread definitely counts! A lovely patterned or textured one will definitely add some zest to the room. However, quality should also be considered, as the feel of well-made sheets will make every sleep that much more special.

3. Get a statement rug
Statement curtains? Check. Quality bedspread? Check. But what about your floors? Accenting them with a great rug is a fantastic idea. Much like bedspreads, you can also play around with texture to add both visual and tactile interest to a space.
Invest in some houseplants

4. Invest in some houseplants
Take a cue from Mother Nature’s awesome design skills and add some life (literally) into your home with houseplants! Whether you’re going for a couple of cacti or you’re looking to create a makeshift jungle, there’s nothing quite like the beauty that fresh flowers emanate.

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