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Though the garage can seem like a daunting place to begin, its time to get to work! Organizing your garage can create more space for storing lesser used items, sports equipment, bulk and so on. As an added bonus, organizing and maximizing garage space can free up space inside your home. Here are our top tips to successfully giving your garage a makeover.

1. Focus on your excess and lesser used items. We suggest packing and storing seasonal and holiday decor, sports equipment, excess products for personal and home, paper towels, toilet paper, bottled beverages, and excess canned goods. Do you have old Halloween costumes that only see the light of day once a year? This is a great place to store those occasional and excess goods. 

2. Go Verticle. Since you typically use larger tools such as saws and gardening equipment outside, the garage is a great place to store them. This hanging garage organizer can work as a catchall for brooms, mops, shovels and gardening sheers without taking up floor space. Storing bicycles can be a messy, crowded pain! We love and recommend this bicycle mount that will neatly store your bikes and helmets while also maximizing vertical space. 

 3. Use large storage bins. We recommend labeling each bin so you you know exactly where to find everything!  This label maker from Amazon will make organization a breeze. These bins are affordable and can hold a wide range of different size items. 
4. Purge unused items. Here at 123organize, we can tell you from experience that many people tend to leave belongings in their garages for years! To maximize space and use garage storage properly, you will have to go through and throw away/donate items that have been untouched for years.  Don’t let great space go to waste!

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