Playroom Organization

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As we’ve spent the last year at home, an organized playroom or play area has never been more important. Here are our favorite tips for creating the kids’ sacred space ~

1. Storage items are your best friend
This may sound obvious, but having chests, bins and baskets are essential for any kidspace and parent sanity! Not only will this keep toys off the floor (no more Lego foot casualties!), it will allow you to create an organizational scheme that makes sense for you. For example, toys that are most used go into a main chest, while last season’s favorites can live in storage boxes. 

We love this one!

2. Use wall and ceiling space

Look to your walls and ceilings to maximize space. The best part? You can get fun and creative and collaborate on design with your children. Hang “pirate” nets from the ceiling—they’re great for holding stuffed animals or larger toys! Or, hang costumes or accessories on wall hooks, which will encourage kids to put away clothing when they’re done wearing it. 

3. Color code
This works especially well if you have more than one child. Assign each one a color (better yet, let them pick!), and then give them a bin in that shade and tell them it’s to store their favorite toys in. After a week or so, they can change up their favorites and might even be encouraged to share with their sibling(s)!

4. Involve your kids with the organizing
This is super important. Your children will guide the process and let you know which toys are favorites, and which ones are so very yesterday. Ask them to help you organize them, telling them and letting them know that they can donate what they don’t want to children in need. Involving them in the process not only teaches them decluttering skills, but also kindness.

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