Storing Off-Season Clothes and Accessories


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How to Efficiently Store Off-Season Clothing and Accessories

When seasons change, so does your wardrobe. Most of us don’t have the closet space for both sundresses and puffy coats, so we have to keep our closets seasonally accessible. 

Here are some tips to help convert your closets between seasons so you can actually see what you have and maximize your wardrobe.

1. Utilize your empty suitcases. If you don’t frequently travel, you can place smaller suitcases in large ones. Within the small ones, you can then place off-season clothes. Since you have to store suitcases anyway, you may as well use them to your advantage.

2. Stackable storage bins are a no-brainer. You can get them in plastic or fabric, whatever your preference. They can be used in your closet or under your bed for easy access. We recommend these plastic storage bins for packing seasonal items. The locking lids ensure your garments will stay clean and dust free. The clear plastic enables you to see what is inside if you don’t have a label. Bonus, the design creates easy and safe stacking.
Fabric bins are great for visible storage. They create an organized look and create a minimal look. The options for fabrics can match any room decor. They can be used in closets or on visible shelves.

3. Fold neatly and efficiently.  Keep your drawers tidy and organized so when it comes time to swap your clothes, you won’t have to sift through and re-fold. Your drawers will already be organized and ready to be packed away. Swapping inventory is already enough work, and this makes the transition much more seamless.

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