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Looking to bring health, fortune and harmony into your home? Feng Shui, translating from Chinese to “wind” and “water” is an ancient Taoist practice that reveals the benefits of arranging your living space to match the Earth’s natural elements. This will not only harness energetic forces in desired areas in one’s life, but ultimately establishes harmony between an individual and their space.

Here are some basics for you to get started:
Bagua map
Below is an energy map which covers the floor plan of your home and refers to eight areas. Each one relates to a specific field –  such as wealth, family, children, career and more—with you and your energy at the center. 

Bagua in practice
The different bagua regions—including what type and color of furniture and where to place them in a room – relative to your doorway.
Family: Column or rectangle; green, blue, teal; left middle
Wealth: Column or rectangle; purple; rear left
Health: Flat or square; brown, orange, yellow; middle
Benefactors: Circular or spherical; gray, metallic; front right
Children: Circular or spherical; white, metallic; middle right
Knowledge: Flat or square; dark blue; front left
Fame: Triangle or pointed; red; rear middle
Career: Wavy or curvy; black; front middle
Partnerships: Flat or square; pink; rear right

Each bagua area is related to an element to increase harmony. For best results and proper balance, choose three to coexist in a room.
Wood: Family, wealth
Earth: Health, knowledge, partnerships 
Metal: Benefactors, children
Fire: Fame
Water: Career

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