Top 5 Organizing Tips to Start Off 2019:


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1. Make an organizing plan of what, when and where you want to organize this year.

2. Start off slow 15-20 minutes a session and set your phone, during this time have a hyper-focus basically no interruptions. You will be amazed how a little time can really pay off.

3. When organizing always have like with like. For instance,  if you are doing office supplies then gather them altogether and then begin the organizing process.

4. Have your discard system up and running, one bag/box marked with the following :
(Some add garbage too however,  I am all about the environment so really there should be little to no use for tossing unwanted items.)

5. Be sure to label and color code  as you go , enabling you and others to find what they need when they need it. This is particularly affective for any closed/sealed items. I.e. boxes, bins ,drawers etc.

Most importantly enjoy and if you find organizing  to be a challenge, then get a buddy – friend, relative or a pro to assist you.

Living in an organized environment reduces stress and helps to create calm.

Let’s Start of 2019 Clutter free! 

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