What Is Old (and Broken) is New Again

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The Benefits of Repairing and Reusing Items You Already Own
There are endless possibilities when it comes to repairing and reusing items you already own.  Next time you’re thinking of throwing something away, see if you can give it a new lease on life first!

Why is repairing and reusing items beneficial?

One of the biggest reasons to repair and reuse items you already own is to save money. This can be anything from clothing and furniture to electronics and appliances. Instead of buying new items, try fixing the old ones. This will also allow you to learn new skills, like refinishing furniture or upholstering pieces. It’s also a great way to keep beloved items in your life for longer.

In addition to saving money, repairing and reusing items is beneficial for the environment by helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

You can do your part by taking the time to fix items: reduce, reuse, recycle!

What are some common items that can be repaired or reused?

TONS of items can be repaired and reused!
Clothing: you can mend tears, replace zippers, patch holes, and even give old clothes new life with a few tweaks.  Even alterations can help make old items fit again.
Furniture: can be refinished or upholstered.
Small household appliances: can be disassembled and fixed. Anything from a broken vacuum cleaner to a wobbly chair can be repaired.

How do I get started repairing and reusing items?

To DIY, you’ll need the right tools and supplies. You’ll also need to research how to repair the item properly. YouTube is a great place to start, as there are tutorial videos for almost every type of repair. You can also find online forums and discussion boards where people share their tips and tricks.
Ask the expert!  There are plenty of specialists who have years of practice fixing items just like yours!  (Google!)

Next time you’re thinking of throwing something away, see if you can give it a new lease on life first!

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