Amazing Knitting Patterns for Your Home

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Take DIY to new heights by customizing your space with your work. No, not artwork, we’re talking about knit-work! Get out those knitting needles, because we’ve got some amazing patterns for everything from blankets to pillow covers (bonus: it doubles as the PERFECT fall activity). Don’t know how to knit? No worries, share this list  to a knitter and barter for some goods – all in the name of craftiness and coziness!

1. Blankets
Nothing quite screams “cozy fall” like curling up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. But this works so much better when the blanket is thick and soft, which is exactly what these patterns deliver:

Colorful patchwork
Cable-knit blanket

2. Pillowcases
Snuggle up to something handmade with these fantastic pillowcases! From cute buttoned ones to a sheep motif perfect for a kid’s playroom, these are all an ideal addition to your decorating scheme.

Button pillowcase


3. Rugs
We think adding a rug to a space instantly adds warmth and pulls the room together.  Luckily, these patterns are all ideal for adding an instant pop of texture, color and uniqueness to a space!

Multicolor hexagon
Gorgeous rug edges

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