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Ready for some ideas to decorate for the holidays with things you already have? Read on!

Here are our best ideas for a space that is cozy, organized, and functional for your family. The holiday season is a perfect time to do a little redecorating. Making even small changes can keep us inspired and motivated.

Decluttering the Holiday Decorating

While we may think we need to add items to decorate a room, the opposite can be true as well. When we can pare down what we already own to the items that we absolutely love, we begin to enjoy the space even more.  The holidays are a perfect time to rid yourself of the festive decorations you no longer use.  Maybe you have moved since you bought them and they aren’t the right fit for your current space. After you are finished decorating throughout your home, consider donating the unused decorations to those in need and bring holiday joy to them as well!

Add some color

The holidays sometimes come with their own color scheme.  Try adding these colors into your existing spaces.  Use throws and pillows from other rooms that fit the holiday feel. You can even use pillows you already have by slipping on a new cover. These pops of color will add some life into the room.  You can also add festive ribbons and trims onto your curtain tiebacks and lampshades for some extra color.

Adding in some holiday sparkle also goes a long way. Chrome paint, silver trim or brass accents can be achieved with a little creativity. New drawer pulls or handles can be purchased at home improvement stores, adding a lot of bang for your buck.


One of the easiest things you can do is rearrange the furniture you already own. Try breaking up your sectional or placing an end table to a different side. If you already love where your furniture is placed, try changing out your decorative accessories. Just changing the rooms they are currently in freshens up each space.

Share Memories from past years

Decorate using items that are meaningful to you. An easy idea is to use projects your children may have made in grade school.  Adding these in frames and placing them around your living spaces will help make your home a place that reflects who you are.

Choosing photos and printing them in black and white is another great option for sharing memories. Printing them out and placing several together in dollar store frames can make quite a statement. You can even try painting a series of different frames in the color you want to add to the room.

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