Fall Shades to Revitalize Your Home

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If you’re like us, autumn is the season you fall in love with (pun definitely intended!). To really embody the season’s amazing appeal, why not add some fall colors to your living space? The best thing is, they’re evergreen, so they’ll look amazing in summer, winter and spring, too!

1. Brown
Brown is anything but drab!  It’s actually a wonderful, rustic color and an earthy tone that complements most other shades. To nail its charm, play with exposed wood—like plank floors, ceiling beams or cedar and oak furniture!

2. Yellow
The great thing about yellow is that there are so many shades –  you can craft a bright, sunny space, or a more subdued one. If you want to try the former, lean into its brightness by tiling your bathroom walls or floors with honeycomb-shaped or rectangular lemon tiles. For the latter, play with golden accents, like a bar cart, vase or coffee table.

3. Orange
Like yellow, orange tones run the gamut from earthy and natural to neon and bold. Terracotta is a timeless shade that will give your rooms an aura of sophistication, especially if used to color walls. It also works well on upholstery for your living room sofa or dining room chairs. For a brighter approach, why not paint one wall a standout citrus shade? When done correctly, it can be just the thing your home needs to be revitalized!

4. Red
Red is definitely a “pop” color, so it’s often used for smaller accent pieces like blankets, cushions and comforters or duvet covers. Of course, nothing says happy and stylish like a pair of red chairs in a predominantly gray or neutral room. Area rugs with red tones can pull the entire look of the room together.

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