Maximizing Winter Storage

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It’s official—we’re in the midst of winter! For some people, that means busting out the skis, blankets and fashionable winter parkas and coats. However, since most of these items are bulky, we’re helping you maximize your space with these tips:
1. Use that closet space
Most of us don’t have huge walk-in closets that can accommodate seasonal clothes all at once. So, if you want to make the most of your space, put items meant for warmer weather (think shorts, light dresses, or anything that will potentially give you hypothermia if you were to wear it outdoors!) and store them in garment bags until they’re ready to be worn again. Bulkier items like down coats can be hung near the front door to make some extra room.

2. Utilize certain rooms 
Now, where to put those summer clothes and big skis once you’re done with them? If you have a garage, storage room or basement, we recommend tucking them away there. If you don’t have any of those, be creative—hang the skis on a wall, put garment bags under your bed, and winter boots on a shoe rack!

3. Invest in some good products

For organizing summer clothes, we recommend:
For hanging up winter coats, we recommend: 
For winter sports equipment, we recommend:
For winter boots, we recommend: 

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