How to easily keep School Supplies Organized

school supplies

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1) Have fun with personalized pencil cases. Inexpensive plastic pencil cases are a great way to store everyday supplies.  
Allow your kids to decorate the pencil case! Personalizing supplies can promote kids’ creativity and make them excited about learning! 

2) Stay organized with color-coded folders. Help keep each subject orderly by using color-coordinated folders for each subject. 
If your child is heading to school, folders can also be organized into a backpack to keep each subject in one place. If your child is learning from home, keeping the folders in a file organizer is a great option. 

3) Make use of hanging space in a creative way. Repurpose an over-the-door rack to hold all your school supplies
This makes it easy to visualize all the school supplies that you have. No longer will your kids have to dig through crowded drawers looking for their crayons! 

4) Get the most out of storage bins. Store larger supplies such as notebooks, binders, and books in under bed storage bins. This is perfect if you have a kid who loves to study in their bedroom.
Organize the bins by creating academic sections so you can 
easily find the right materials in each bin when opened! 

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