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Tips for creating the ideal HOME LEARNING SPACE: 

1) Choose a designated learning space
Having your child face a wall is a great way to increase their focus. On this wall, create an interactive learning environment. 
Hang a cork/dry erase board, sticker charts, magnetic accessories, get creative!  
Display their schedule so they can anticipate what is to come through out the day. 

2) Organize your children’s school supplies into easily accessible storage containers. 
Label  bins with pictures of the contents to make it a little more fun. 
Get creative, go vertical and add to the interactive learning wall or space.

3) Be flexible but create routine. Your home is not the typical school setting and it will not function the same way. 
Stay positive when communicating with your child about school.

To ease tensions, give your child a level of control over the pace of the day. Remember, every day is different!  

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