Have you been following our: 12 Month Organizing Challenge on Social Media? January: Pantry

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We hope you’ve been following along on our social media accounts, and have already accepted our 12 Month Organizing Challenge.

For our newsletter readers who have not started yet, there is still one week left in January, and we do not want you to miss out on the fun we’ve been having on social media!

Throughout the 123organize 12 Month Organizing Challenge we will be showcasing a new area of your home for you to work on each month, so you can take control of your home’s organizing needs—whether it’s de-cluttering, spatial improvement, or preparing for home staging and a move.

We’ve got tips and tricks to help you make your house a home.

To get the full experience, follow us on: FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn, where we will post even more monthly inspiration and motivation.

For January’s organizing challenge, we are focusing on the PANTRY!

With the calendar change over, it should be easy to identify expired labels and swap out old products.

-Look through those items you bought in bulk over the past 2 years…take stock of what you have and make it a point to move items to the front that expire soon. 

-Go on a “No Buy” until you make progress in eating through what you’ve been accumulating.

-If there are items you think you don’t want anymore, donate them to a local soup kitchen.  It’s not a waste, and someone will certainly appreciate it!

-Once you’ve thrown out (or donated!) items and made room in your pantry area, do a thorough cleaning of the shelves.  If anything has left a mess (spills, drips, crumbs), make sure to put them back in an extra bag, bin, or container, to avoid future messes.

Beginning with a room that is the center of the home, feels like a natural kick-off point!

Follow along as we help you divide your home into smaller, easy to conquer sections.

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