Mantras for Falling in Love With Your Home

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February is traditionally known as the month of love, and if you’ve been feeling the romantic spirit, why not start with your home? We’ve got some mantras that’ll do just the trick. Now, repeat after us…
1. “This is not just my house, it’s my home.”
f you ask us, there’s a difference between a house and a home. A house is a physical structure that provides you shelter, but a home is where you share memories, what you’ve designed to your taste, a safe space that’s truly yours. Honor it as such.
2. “I LOVE [insert home feature(s) here]…”
We all have a favorite part of the home. Whether it’s a reading nook you’ve crafted to be oh, so comfy, a portrait painted by a friend, or a really amazing piece of furniture that brings you joy. Whatever it is, be grateful and appreciative for those standout home accents, it’ll instantly boost your mood to remember just how great your space is.
3. “My home is perfect as is, but I can’t wait to add [insert here]…”
The first step to loving your home is to appreciate it as it is. The next step? Putting your intentions out there to make it even better! If you’ve been dreaming of adding a pool to the backyard, or sourcing an antique for your living room, or just finding some really comfy pillows for your bed, put it out there! Mental visualization is such a fun way to get excited about where you live.
4. “Despite [insert here], I still love you, home!”
Nothing makes you fall in love with something more than appreciating it. What parts of your home are presenting themselves as problems? Is your space too cluttered? Is your home not selling as fast as you would like? Does it need a refresh? Whatever it is, acknowledge them with the pre-emptive gratitude of being able to fix them, and knowing that despite them, you still have a place to come home to every day.
But, if you’re having trouble with some of those things, we can help! We offer home organizing, moving and staging services. Click here to get started.

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