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There’s no denying fresh flowers instantly brighten up your home. Whether it’s a centerpiece bouquet, or a humble arrangement of garden blooms, they’ll always have that desired effect. This is especially true when staging your home (click here for more staging tips)—so read on to discover the meaning behind some of your favorite flowers.
1. Daffodils
The quintessential spring flower often arriving in one’s garden before its other floral counterparts, daffodils have an interesting meaning. While their sunny color indicates joy, their meaning is “unequalled love”. 

Design tip: We suggest placing them in a clear vase in your living room to let their stunning color shine.

2. Hydrangea
Used most often as a centerpiece flower, their unique shape make hydrangeas a show-stopping accent to dinner tables and coffee tables alike. They are associated with gratitude, particularly gratitude for being understood—an apt flower to display after a familial misunderstanding to clear the air.

Design tip: Place different color hydrangeas together in a white ceramic vase for maximum impact.

3. Tiger lilies
Another accent flower, tiger lilies are a favorite due to their beautiful shape and vibrant coloring. Signifying wealth and pride, display them to wow your guests and attract some extra funds at once.

Design tip: Mix tiger lilies with white ones and display in a vase that’s robin-egg blue for a beautiful contrast.

4. Roses
A classic favorite, roses of all colors are a distinguished flower to showcase around your home. Red roses signify love, pink ones signify happiness, and white ones signify innocence. We suggest mixing these three different kinds together to channel all three meanings.

Design tip: For an unexpected DIY vase, place red roses in a vintage wine glass and display on your living room shelf.


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