How to Put Together a Home Color Scheme

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To top off this month’s colorful theme, we’re helping you create the perfect color scheme for your home. Whether you’re into neutrals or rainbows, use our cheat sheet below when redesigning your space

1. Stick to 3-5 colors

While this may seem initially limiting, this is the perfect amount to ensure harmony. We suggest making this a mix of neutrals with a few accent shades to keep your space looking interesting and fresh.

2. Work with what you already have

What colors exist in your home already? This includes walls, furniture, hardware, etc. It’s important to consider undertones too, which often have a base shade of red, green, blue, brown ,or yellow. Once you’ve established this, choose complementary colors to ensure cohesion. For example, if your walls have a red undertone, a terracotta couch or rug makes a discerning pairing. Alternatively, contrast shades for an unexpected pop—think yellow and purple or blue and orange.

3. Pick a white

This will be the anchor to your scheme and color your trim, doors, closet interiors and hardware. Remember that whites also have undertones, so choose one that will pair well with your chosen scheme. This will be the perfect finishing touch for a space that will wow!

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