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Who says hosting a party has to be hard? Plan, prep, and party like a pro with these hosting tips.

With these easy tips, your guests will be sure to have a good time.

Plan Ahead

Celebrating special moments are what parties are for. Why not make the planning of them fun too?

· Have a great playlist. Plan for all the stages of the party – arrival, cocktails, dinner, dessert, and after dinner fun. Make sure you know your crowd; their likes and dislikes. Keep the music fun and upbeat. If you see your guests singing along, you know you are a hit!
·To keep guests comfortable during these health conscious days, try keeping your guest list small.  You can also keep hand sanitizers displayed at several areas throughout your home.
· Try and keep things simple. If cooking isn’t your thing, order the food.  Prioritize your cleaning efforts in the bathroom because it is more noticeable than the dust on your molding.
Think About the Little Details

Small details make for lasting impressions.

· If you are entertaining in colder weather, make sure to have a place to hang coats and jackets.

· Have your drinks set out with an ice bucket and garnishes at the ready.

· Everyone loves a good cheese plate or bottle of wine. There are easy ways to make these items even better by adding dried fruits or choosing a unique bottle of wine. Be sure to consider dietary restrictions and allergies (you may want gluten free options available).

Be creative when setting the table. Find ways to make it seem fun and special. The table creates the playground for conversation, laughter, and making memories.
Enjoy the Party for Yourself

· Once people arrive, remember to enjoy yourself while you entertain! Have as much fun as possible since it is your party too! Your guests came to be with you and not to watch you work.

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