Get Prepped for Your Labor-Day Travel

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Here’s what you need to know to simplify your pre-trip prep, as you gear up for Labor Day travel!

Start with a Packing List

Once you start writing down the things you need and the things you want, you will then be able to see clearly what you can leave off.

· Lay out all the clothing items you plan on wearing, taking time to think about when and where you will be using these items.
· It is very helpful to have items that can be worn more than one time.
· Choose items that can be layered in case of temperature changes so you can avoid packing bulkier jackets.

Leave Most Toiletries at Home

Many hotels and guesthouses supply the basic items such as shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

· Take the items you need every single day with you (toothpaste, toothbrush or contact solution)
· Bring sample-size toiletries, including toothpaste—the TSA does not permit containers larger than 3.4 oz. in carry-on bags. 
· It is sometimes beneficial to buy toiletries upon arrival and try what the locals use.


If you don’t need your laptop, leave it home.  Most of us can do what is needed on our smartphones.

· A tablet that can be used for entertainment and for looking up information can be loaded with much of what you will need or want and will save a lot of space when packing.  
· Remember to pack portable battery packs and adapters for charging while you are away.

Pack in an Organized Fashion

There is more than one way to pack efficiently. 

· Try using packing cubes, compression bags or even zip top bags to maximize space and organize groups of items.
· Rolling your clothes also can maximize space and reduce creasing.

Lastly, Weigh Your Bag

Some airlines have limits on size and weight; check specific airlines for rules and restrictions.

Additional General Tips:

·  Leave fine jewelry and valuables at home.
·  Keep your credit card, cash, medicine, keys and passports close to you.
· Write your name and contact info on the inside of your bags in addition to the outside.
· Pack a lightweight collapsible bag that can be used as a beach bag, shopping bag or an extra bag to bring home your trip purchases.
·  Make sure to leave a copy of your trip info at home and/or with a traveling companion.

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