Love What You Have: Repurposing Items

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If you’re in a home rut, why not try to fall in love with it again? To give your home a quick refresh, we’re suggesting fun and easy ways to repurpose what you already have—so big hauls at the furniture store need not apply. Read on, and dare to fall in love with your space again, and again, and again…

Set the mood with some gorgeous candles. All you need are some old lightbulbs, oil (even olive oil can work!), a wick (like a shoelace or string) and a metal or wood washer. Glue the lightbulb to the washer, which will act as a base. Then, pour the oil in the bulb to 2/3 capacity. Place your wick inside, ensuring it sticks out at the top, and let it soak in the oil for a few hours—and then, presto! 

If you’ve got some cute, but perhaps unused or old suitcases taking up space, why not turn them into side tables? First, find four table legs and paint them to match the case. Then, prepare the base using a particleboard and cut it to fit inside. Use screws to place four angled top plates on each corner, then twist on the table legs. 

If your dresser is in need of some love, you can easily give it a makeover with patterned wallpaper! Choose a design you love, then remove the drawers and the hardware with a screwdriver. Roll the wallpaper facedown on a thick piece of cardboard and position the drawer on top, using an X-Acto knife to cut it to the right dimensions. Use Mod Podge to glue it on, and run a brayer over it to smooth it out. Let it dry and then replace the hardware and secure everything back in place! 

So you’ve got some fresh flowers, but nowhere to store them? No problem. To create the cutest vases, which are inspired by designer perfumes, find a rectangular glass jar. Then, print out the label of your favorite scent, cut it and use clear tape to stick it on to the front. J’Adore! 

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