The Perfect Summer BBQ

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Nothing says summer quite like a BBQ! It’s an activity that brings friends and family together, allowing for a delectable feast on a warm, weekend afternoon. What could be better? Consider these tips to get the most out of a summertime classic.
1. Clean your equipment
Before you tackle the grilling, clean your barbecue to remove any lingering charred remains or debris. You can use cleaners specially designed for grills or simply a spray bottle of mix of vinegar and water.  A grill brush is handy to scrape off stubborn remnants of the last barbecue. Afterwards, heat the grill for 15mins to ensure all cleaning residue is burnt off. Invest in a weather cover to keep it cleaner for longer when not in use.
2. Organize your grilling station
It’s always a good idea to have everything in one place, so you’re not caught off guard while the food is cooking. While some grills come with interior compartments for storing tools, if yours doesn’t have one, you can purchase a standing tool rack to store them easily and visibly. Ensure all other things you may need, like serving plates, are within reach.
3.  Outdoor furniture
Guests will need a place to sit in your outdoor oasis, especially when gathering for a meal. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone, as well as a large enough table. Don’t forget about attractive looking waste baskets or trash cans to keep your outdoor living area clean.
Here are some wonderful pieces:

Sitting area

Foldable chairs

Kiddie picnic table

4. Prepare in advance
Think about everything you need to prepare in advance. For example, making a grocery list and doing the shopping. Do certain meats need to marinade? Ensure your set-up and cleaning are also done ahead of your guests’ arrival, so you can greet them without stress and focus on cooking and socializing.
5.  Don’t forget the drinks!
While your grilled dishes may be the star of the day, drinks are an incredibly important complement. Fill a cooler with ice for chilled drinks like lemonade, iced tea, beer, coolers, soda and water bottles. For cocktails, create a makeshift bar with a signature drink of the day! There are so many options for a fun and breezy summer beverage! 

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