Maximizing Space in Your Entertaining Areas

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This year, it seems we’ve all been asking ourselves, “where did all the time go?” And while that is a valid question, it tends to turn into “where did all my space go?” during the holidays. While the holiday season is almost over, there’s still New Year! So, if you’re planning on entertaining at your home his year, make sure to read these tips on maximizing your entertaining areas—because an open space is a happy space.

1. Clean it up!
The easiest way to fill up a space? Clutter! It eats up that prime negative space. There’s no better time to practice that ‘out with the old’ mantra by storing what you need to hang onto and donating or repurposing items that you don’t. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much room you have (literally!).
Psst—did you know that 123organize offers an easy clear-out service?

2. The kitchen counts, too
We all have those relatives who love to chat in the kitchen pre or post-feast. And, whether you find this a nuisance or a nicety, the space should be able to accommodate a few extra bodies during a celebration. Vertical storing shelves in a pantry allows multiple items to be neatly stacked, while drawer organizers make it super easy to store all of your smaller tools—like utensils or measuring spoons. 
3. Multifunctional furniture is ? 
An ottoman that also holds video game accessories? Coffee tables that have drawers to store magazines and books? Lifesavers. Multifunctional furniture is designed to allow for seamless cleanup without taking up any more space. 

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