Amazing Holiday Decorations for your Special Celebrations


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This holiday season is really special because we haven’t been able to share our winter celebrations with larger groups of family and friends since the pre-pandemic days. And so, a big occasion deserves the best decorations! We’ve got some great ideas for you to make these wonderful new memories.

1. Candle holders
With any decorations, you must consider your home aesthetic or the tone you wish your party to have. Candle holders are quite varied in style, yet are ideal for creating a beautiful ambiance in your home.
For more minimalist themes, these candle holders are sleek and considered. These are also contemporary and unassuming.
For a more classic approach, these glass are elegant and nondescript, showcasing your decor rather than overpowering it. These are fairly ornate and are sure to grab your guests’ attention in the best way.
For a rustic touch, these candle holders are ideal.

2. Fresh Flowers
Something that never fails to impress is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you display them as a table centerpiece, or use them as makeshift garlands, consider these seasonal ones:
Pussy Willows
Winter Heathers
Witch Hazel 
Christmas Cactus

3. Table Cloths
Chances are, you’ll be spending a large part of your celebration at the table! Make your fine plates and silverware stand out with these wonderful tablecloths:
For a more minimalist look, use a simple, decoration-free cloth in a neutral shade like this one
For a more classic style, this vintage-look lace cloth is always a stunner. Or, try one with a subtle decoration.
For a rustic feel, we love this tartan one.

4. Wreaths
Often the first thing guests will see upon arrival, make your wreath set the tone for your decorating scheme.
For a minimalist feel, these hanging metallic wreaths are elegant and eye-catching.
For a more classic tone, try these festive plant-based wreaths like this berry one, and this leafy one.
This twig wreath is ideal for a rustic decor.

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