Organizing the BEST Dinner Party

Our top tips for throwing a dinner party your guests will remember!

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The Jewish High Holidays are right around the corner!
Organizing a dinner party can be stressful. You have to plan the perfect menu, organize the place settings, and coordinate your guests’ schedules.
The 4 DO’s for organizing the best dinner party:
1. Invite a compatible group of guests. 
2. Plan a menu everyone can enjoy. Remember to ask about food allergies and dietary restrictions. 
3. Get out the good china
4. Add a centerpiece to the table. Nothing perks up a dining table like flowers, candles, and/or festive objects.  You can also add a vase of flowers to your bathroom decorations.

Perfect Meal Checklist:
One Month Before:                
Invite the Guests               
Ask about Allergies            
Plan the menu  

The Week Of (3-7 days before event): 
Shop for ingredients based on your menu choices
Delegate Tasks
Start Cooking/Meal Prep
Prepare the Desserts (You can bake ahead of time and freeze, to defrost day of!)
Take out the dishes & silverware

Day of the Meal: 
Set the table with tablecloth, centerpieces, dishes and silverware.   
Bring out the drinks 
Finish any meal prep: put last minute items in the oven, toss salads, bake/defrost desserts.
Be sure to enjoy the meal!

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