Organizing Your Jewelry

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Gems, stones and precious metals, oh my! If there’s one thing many of us would like to preserve, it’s our jewelry—from family heirlooms, to mementos to everyday costume pieces. Here are some great tips to keep them shiny, happy and tangle-free!
1. If it ain’t broke…
The best way to store jewelry? A jewelry box! We know that this sounds obvious, but it really is the ideal way—especially one with different compartments or dividers. It also covers your pieces, so you don’t have to worry about dust or moisture.
We suggest creating an organizational system within your box. More expensive pieces that aren’t for everyday wear? Store them tucked away in the innermost compartment in a satin pouch. Then, sort items by function, then color or material. Stone rings, gold bracelets, pearl necklaces, etc.
Consider one like this
2. No tangles, please
For longer necklaces or dangling earrings, consider a ‘jewelry tree’. This is a stand with arms to display items without the risk of tangling or knotting. 

We love this one
3. For the gal or guy on the go…
If you’re a jet-setter, invest in some jewelry rolls. These are decorative pouches that have separate containers and fit neatly within your suitcase or handbag. 
This is a great one

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