Organizing Your Shoes

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If there’s one thing we get asked about a lot, it’s shoe storage. And we get it, with their bulkiness and varying shapes, sometimes finding a storage system that works isn’t obvious. However, here are some tips to get you started—and put your best shoe forward when it comes to organizing them! 
1. Think outside the (shoe) box!
Shoes don’t necessarily have to be stored in dull boxes or racks—rather, you can make them a home centerpiece with these inventive ideas:
DIY a beautiful shoe rack using two ladders, planks and a dowel (this can also be used as a clothing rack)
Use a bench that doubles as a shoe rack in your mudroom! Discreet and functional. Try this one
Got old wooden crates lying around in your garage? Stack them together with binder clips for a stunning shoe shelf

2. Prepare shoes for storage
It’s best to store out-of-season shoes to reduce clutter and free up space. Cleaning them and preparing them beforehand will make sure they last long and don’t get ruined in storage.
Clean all dirt or debris off of shoes, as this can cause damage. For leather and suedes, brush with a soft brush and then use specialty cleaning lotion. Most other materials can be cleaned gently with soap and water.
3. Find the ideal place to store
Shoes are best kept in moderate temperatures where they’re not exposed to direct sunlight. This could be a dark closet, under the bed, but not the garage—as they tend to get too cold or hot depending on the season! To help shoes retain their shape, use boot stands or stuff acid-free paper in them.

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