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Start spring off on the right foot by organizing your mudroom!  Often the first space you and visitors see, it’s important that it reflects order, harmony, and warmth.
1. Designate a space for each family member

Rather than use a couple of hooks for everyone’s coats and hats, or one mat for everyone’s shoes, keep everything in order by investing in some extra hooks and shoe boxes, so that you can designate one to each family member. If you have kids, you can make this fun by getting blank planks of wood and having your children paint their personalized name tag on them, which you can then hang above their hook. This is also useful for senior family members, as they’ll know exactly where their items are and won’t need to exert effort to find them.

2. Add a calendar and filing system

All too often, kids (and sometimes adults!) will dump their school or work papers on the nearest surface to the front door. The mudroom is also a hotspot for mail build-up. To avoid this, install a cubbie, individualized by family member, for homework, mail, permission slips, and more. You can even go a step further and add a wall calendar with important events above the cubbie, which is especially useful for both children and seniors, as it helps them visualize the month ahead.

3. Utilize the space with the right furniture

Installing an indoor bench is a wonderful organizational investment, as it’s a great place to tuck shoe boxes or sports equipment under. Plus, it’s very practical for older family members, who often need to sit down when putting shoes on and dressing.

With these tips, organizing your mudroom will be a breeze! But, if you need any extra help, we have a team of dedicated organizers and move managers at the ready. Click here to get started.

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