Downsizing Tips for Seniors or Senior Relatives

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As we age, space becomes important. Many adults will consider the option of downsizing as they get older, with retirees often preferring to live in smaller homes to better manage their needs. This process can often seem overwhelming, so if you don’t know where to start, we can help with these tips!
1. Benefits of downsizing
If you or your loved one is downsizing, there are some great benefits to consider. Moving into a smaller space often cuts costs, which is useful for those living on a fixed income. Downsizing also pushes you to consider what’s truly important to you—and what gets purged in the process. A smaller space also means your mobility or care needs can be better managed.
2. Plan early
Give yourself time to make a plan with set goals in a timeline. For example, your first goal should be deciding which area to move to. From there, you can find a suitable place to live. Then, your next goal should be organizing and decluttering your space—scheduling donations or waste pick-ups in the process. After that, focus on packing and hiring movers.
3. Make a floor plan
Once you’ve established where you’ll be living, source a floor plan for your new home so you can plan how much space your items and furniture will take up. If there’s not enough room, keep purging.
Expert tip: For purging, start small, like with kitchen and bathroom supplies. Work your way up to the bigger, more sentimental items like heirlooms and art, as you’ll have better visibility on what to do with those things if you’ve already decluttered most of your basics.
4. Pack an essentials kit
Moving can sometimes be unpredictable. Be prepared by packing an essentials kit that involves a few outfits, pajamas, toiletries, medication, documents, cleaning supplies and cash tips/payment for movers.
5. Hire a move management company

Downsizing is a huge undertaking for any family. 123organize takes the guesswork out of it—planning every step and helping you declutter, organize and pack your items. Plus, with trusted industry partners at the ready, we’ll ensure you work with the best people. Contact CEO Marla Alt by clicking here.

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