Storing Holiday Decorations

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After a holiday party, putting away seasonal decorations can seem like a big task (even when it’s only celebrated with your bubbie!). However, the right storage containers make this a bit easier. By following these tips, and seeing our recommendations for some amazing products, holiday cleanup will be a piece of cake!

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1. Dividers are your best friendThe last thing you want? Tangled decorations. Anything from string lights to the hooks on ornaments can get knotted up, making them tedious to unbox the next year. This amazing storage box not only has labels on the side to help you mark your items, it comes with three tiers of dividers—perfect for smaller accents.
We recommend:
2. Use clear boxes for larger items
Since dividers are better for smaller items, we recommend using large, clear boxes to store bigger ones, like wreaths or centerpieces. Using transparent storage items allows you to see what you need at a glance, making unpacking so much easier.
We recommend:
3. Wrapping paper should have its own storage box
Wrapping paper tubes are tricky to put away because they’re long and and don’t fold into smaller boxes. Therefore, the cylindrical shape of this container allows you to store many different rolls at once. And, in keeping with the above tip, it’s clear, so you can see which one you need at a glance. 
We recommend:

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