The best holiday centerpiece? Your table.


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Now that the holiday season is here, it’s time to break bread with those we love most. And for that, you need a table perfect for breaking that challah, fruitcake, or panettone—but not necessarily your bank! Whether it’s Chanukah, Christmas, or a celebration all of your own, let your table shine brightly this year with these amazing decorating tips.

1. Use what you have Do you have a backyard? Freshly-picked winter flowers make a great centerpiece. Curtain rings? More like napkin holders! Crafting a beautiful decorating scheme doesn’t have to mean stress-buying from home retailers. Repurposing items from around the house can lend your table a more personal and homey feel, And, let’s face it, with holiday preparations to worry about, you’ve got enough on your plate!

2. The backdrop counts Think of your tablecloth as a canvas that will provide the background for your dinnerware, stemware and centerpiece (and of course, your lovely food!). Therefore, consider the aesthetic you’re aiming for. A loud pattern or color may not work well with more classic items, and vice-versa. For silverware, darker hues, like midnight blue can be captivating. And, when in doubt, white linen is always a good choice.

3. It’s called a centerpiece for a reason
Let your centerpiece be the center of attention! Flowers, vases or candles are always refined choices, but for more unique ideas, look towards lanterns, terrariums or decorative items like birdcages—which look fantastic when filled with fresh flowers. The most creative part or your table setting, it’s your chance to showcase your artistic flair!

4. Keep it balanced
Just remember, although decorations are fun, a table is also meant to be functional. When considering centerpieces and other decorative accents, make sure to leave enough room for food, and for people to sit and move comfortably!

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