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Flowers are blooming, the ice has thawed, birds are chirping in their trees! In celebration of happier, warmer times, we’re teaching you the Scandinavian art of hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Hygge is a word that denotes togetherness or coziness, but is usually more of a descriptor for the essence of these things. In short, it’s a celebration of feeling good in your home—and that’s something we can always get behind.
1. Develop a neutral color palette
Everything in your home should contribute to an atmosphere of peace. That means anything too overwhelming, like bright colors, should be replaced with soft, neutral tones. We love pale grays, browns and creams—all of which can easily be incorporated into a space. Bonus point: Neutral tones are also great for home staging, as they’re inviting and unfussy.

 2. Be tactile
Coziness isn’t experienced through the eye, but mainly through touch. Add a warm, fuzzy or knitted blanket to your couch. Create a reading nook full of soft pillows to fall into after a long day. You deserve to feel good and safe in your home, let your furniture reflect that.

 3. Let there be light!
Whether it’s candles, fairy lights or a softly roaring fire, adding light sources in your home adds a calming factor to your space. These are also softer than artificial light, hence the coziness factor.

4. Turn your bathroom into a spa This doesn’t mean undergoing an expensive renovation project, it simply means adding personal touches. For example, make bath time a ritual with scented bubbles, lotion or bath bombs. Add super soft towels to your racks. Stock your cupboard with items that make you feel happy. Life is too short to miss out on these delicious, small moments. 

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