Wires everywhere… not anymore!


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Let’s talk about wires. When working from home or while your children are attending school from home, there are wires everywhere! These days everything is electric, so everything has a power cord or wire attachment. Even modern charging pads are connected to the wall via wire! Below are some organizational options for eliminating tangles and keeping everything in its place. 

1. Cable clips! These clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all have the goal of holding your wires in place. Some sit on top of your desk and some hang off the side. There are many options, styles and shapes, allowing you to hold your wires in the perfect place. 

2. The Magnetic Box goes on the floor and on top of your power strip. The box neatly hides all the wire plugs inside and adds an extra level of protection so your children don’t mess with the plug!

3. A simple cord cover will also do! Attach this tube like item to the leg of your desk so the charging ports or lamp attachments only appear at the top! This will hold all of your wires inside and leave exposed what you need! 

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