How To Organize Pots and Pans To Avoid Kitchen Clutter


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Whether you are short on space or need a quick kitchen makeover, finding new ways to store pots, pans and lids can quickly freshen up your kitchen. Since pots and pans are bulky and oddly shaped, it’s difficult to find space for them that does not take up precious kitchen real estate. Below are some ideas and versatile products that will make you actually want to put away your pots and pans:

1. Make storage decorative by hanging your pots and pans. This wall mounted rack from Amazon turns your empty wall space into a work of art. You can also take advantage of the space above your sink or stove by installing a decorative hanging pot and pan holder. 

2.  For those who want to hide their pots, pans and lids but have limited horizontal space, we recommend a tiered pull-out rack. For those with a bit more space, you can use a horizontal divider to give each pot, pan and lid a home. 

3.  Another option is a lazy Susan style organizer. Who doesn’t love a lazy Susan moment? This organizer fits perfectly into your cabinet and can be used by placing smaller pots and pans within the larger ones. You can accompany this device with a  lid rack to create even greater organization. 

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