A Psychological Guide To Home Colors

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Ever wonder what the colors in your home truly mean? Turns out, there’s more behind the shades you choose for your walls, furniture, and design accents. If you’re in need of a refresh, follow our guide on what colors mean from a psychological perspective and choose the one that best suits your mood!
1. Red
The color red has been shown to increase one’s heart rate and energy. With this effect on the heart, it can also improve romance and passion. We recommend using it on a feature wall for added drama to a space, or sparingly with furniture—like a red loveseat.
2. Green
Green’s calming effects are associated with nature. Whether you opt for a sage, lime, or moss shade, the evocativeness of its natural origins will leave you feeling calm after a stressful day. We recommend placing this color in the bathroom to make bath time even more of a ritual. In addition to the walls, try it on your tiles or on accents like towels.
3. Blue
Similar to green, blue is known for its calming effect. However, it also increases optimism, as the shade mirrors the infinite possibilities and expansiveness of the sky. It’s also shown to increase concentration, so why not use it in your home office? We also like using it in kid’s rooms to encourage peace.
4. Yellow
Isn’t yellow such a happy, sunny color? Increasing optimism and joy, this shade is also known to drive creativity. If you’re artistically inclined, use it to paint the walls of a studio. Alternatively, pepper it around your space with small furniture—lamps, bookends, rugs—for little pops of happiness.
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