Our Favorite Happy Home Accents

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Last week, we detailed how decluttering is beneficial for your mental health. This week, we’re bringing you some more mood-boosting content by giving you a list of our favorite happy home accents.
1. Bright furniture

Studies show that bright colors often have a beneficial effect on mental health. If you’ve been looking for a piece that’ll instantly brighten your room, why not add a bright couch, coffee table, or lamp to your space?

Happy factor: Who doesn’t love a pop of color?

Our picks: 

Orange loveseat

Yellow lamp

Blue coffee table  

2. Plants

Having natural elements in your home, like big, leafy plants and colorful flowers not only livens up a space, it allows you to exert your creative flair with discerning flower arrangements, hanging vase layouts, or whatever speaks to you.

Happy factor: Make daily watering an exercise in meditation

Our picks:
Bird of paradise plant

Yellow orchids

Hanging red plant

3. Area rugs

We’re not talking about bath mats or little foot warmers—we’re talking about BIG rugs that pack a visual punch! Whether it’s in a bold shade, or features a striking motif, a large area carpet instantly transforms a space for the better.

Happy factor: Big, soft area rugs are a natural pet magnet

Our picks:

Flower motif

Persian style

Geometric terracotta

4. Fruit bowls

Similar to plants, fresh fruits add a pop of color and zest to a space (literally!). They also make a  room feel inviting, especially the kitchen. 

Happy factor: They’re a home accent that doubles as a tasty, healthy snack

Our picks:


Geometric brass


5. Prints 

While vibrant prints are a must to brighten your home, we’re talking about artistic prints here! Prints, unlike paintings, are often inexpensive and are found in a huge variety of colors and designs.

Happy factor: Design your own for a space that truly feels like YOU

Our picks:

Paint strokes

Pastel sunrise

Palm leaf motif

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