The Best Wrapping Paper for Standout Gifts

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Whether you find wrapping gifts a relaxing activity or a chore, it’s usually a necessary part of the holidays! Thankfully, we’ve picked out some of the best, unique wrapping paper designs that will take your gifts to the next level, no matter which holiday you celebrate!

1. Geometric patterns
This set features a range of geometric patterns that are just festive enough to work for Christmas or Chanukah, but still versatile to keep for other seasons, too! We love how the designs shine in a rich gold hue, an ideal complement to Christmas lights and Menorah candles.

2. Plaid
Perfect for those looking to lean into a classic winter aesthetic, this set features three gorgeous plaids. Adding a note of charm and sophistication to any gift, these pair well with any neutral wrapping paper you may have, too.

3. Kimono-inspired
Drawing inspiration from traditional kimono patterns, this set is a stunning addition to your wrapping paper rotation, and is sure to receive many compliments! With a smaller dimension, these are best for petite gifts.

4. Chanukah gift boxes
These stylish gift boxes are sleek, elegant, and ideal for wrapping eight smaller gifts to be given throughout Chanukah. They also fit neatly into a main box, so you can store them all together for better gift organization!

5. Mermaid Christmas
Not your typical Christmas wrapping paper, this set, with its mermaid motif, adds a whimsical touch to your under-the-tree gift collection. You may even start a new holiday tradition.

6. Minimalist boxes
Perfect for those who desire a more minimalist approach to their holiday aesthetic, these chic gift boxes feature a scalloped edge and a golden bow. Big enough to store a medium-sized gift, they’ll complement virtually any other wrapping you use alongside them.

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