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A kitchen isn’t just a kitchen—often it’s the place where family comes together to prepare wonderful meals, share their morning over cups of coffee, and teach kids important skills (like how to wash dishes and organize silverware!). Here are a few super easy DIY decor tips to make your space even more special. Enjoy!

1. Menu
Menus are a fantastic way to plan out and organize the week’s meals. They also allow for some flair (depending on how artistic you are!) All you need for this is a chalkboard, some chalk and an eraser (all of which can be found at your local dollar or hardware store). Bonus ideas: a quote of the day, a family saying, or an elaborate mural!

2. Coffee cup holder
Got some planks of wood lying around in the shed? Nail them together in a grid shape, then place some hooks in a row. Voilà! You’ve made a rustic-chic mug holder. Bonus: For a more modern feel, paint the wood white or beige.

3. Painted bowls
Are your bowls in need of an update or pick me up? Use porcelain paint and create some intricate designs! This works best on wooden and porcelain bowls.

4. Labels
Your label maker is your best friend. Choose a beautiful font, and use it to label everything from spices, oils, drawers and more! It also makes things way easier to find and organize.

5. Bar cart
Is your bar cart looking a little rusty? Paint it with some gold paint for a beautiful upgrade!

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