Packing the Perfect Suitcase

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Ready, set, go! And by go, we mean go anywhere! It’s summer after all—which is the best time to plan a getaway, even if it’s just a short drive away. Though travel may be restricted o certain places for now, learning how to pack the perfect suitcase is always handy!
1. Roll technique
Rather than folding your clothes, save on space by rolling them into neat cylinders. This also allows clothing to be seen easily and not having to dig through your suitcase for a specific item.
2. Protect your jewelry
One of the most annoying and time-consuming tasks after unpacking is untangling jewelry that was tossed around during travel. Worse, packing jewelry the wrong way can lead to breakage. Use a pouch or travel case to divide and protect items. If you don’t have one, use straws from your kitchen – feed a necklace through the body and tape the clasp at the top. Use buttons with at least two holes for earrings—feed them through and clasp them in place.
3. Prevent leaks
Leaking shampoo or a broken perfume bottle? No good. Prevent this by storing risky products in a sealed plastic bag. If you want some extra padding wrap things (especially glass items) in a plush sock. 
4. Prevent lost luggage problems
We’ve all been there—having to spend days without our essentials because the airline has lost our bag. To reduce the risk, divide and share items in your suitcase with one of your fellow travelers. If either of you loses a bag, you’ll still have access to some handy pieces between the two of you. 

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