Labors of Love to Brighten Your Home

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It’s Valentine’s Day soon, and in the spirit of romance, we’re continuing our series on falling more in love with your home! To do this, here are some easy labors of love that will brighten up your space.
1. DIY art
You don’t have to be Picasso to create beautiful art to hang on your walls. If you’ve been looking for a creative or stress busting outlet, painting and drawing is a wonderful activity. Plus, decorating your home with accents that you’ve created is extra special.
If you’re not artistically gifted, here are some stencils you can purchase to create easy, beautiful pieces on canvas or wood:

Geometric themed

Graphic lines
2. Add personalized touches
Nothing makes you fall in love with a home more than personal touches that remind you of your family’s impact on the space. Whether you’ve only lived in a home for a short amount of time, or have lived in it for years, make sure to add one of a kind touches, like a charming wooden growth chart. that your kids can help fill out.

Another great idea could be to blow up a beloved family photo and adorn it with a beautiful frame to display in a prized area. If you’re feeling inclined, you can do this with a few photos, old and new, to make a gallery wall. Use different frames and photo sizes for maximum impact.
3. Your home’s visual aspect is important
If you’re not wild about the wall color in the kitchen, change it! If your bathroom wallpaper is looking worn out, replace it! If your bedspread is becoming an eye-sore, make a point of getting new sheets in a sign and theme you love. You change over time, so your house should change with you.
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