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Hat’s off to anyone who has a wonderful collection of fedoras, caps, beanies, sombreros and more! We think hats are a wonderful way to dress up an outfit—whether that be for everyday wear or as part of a costume. Keep them looking great for years to come with these storage tips.
1. The best hat is a supported one
Doesn’t matter which type of hat, if unworn, it should be stored with an internal support so it doesn’t lose its shape. This can be done with mannequin heads for more valuable items, or to save space, with other smaller hats, or even bunched up scarves or grocery bags—which are then placed into the crown.
2. Storage boxes matter
Although a traditional hat box is round, shape doesn’t really matter as long as the hat has enough room inside. Compressing hats into too-small boxes, especially those with wide brims, leads them to be easily misshapen. 
Consider handy ones like this
3. Get creative with your mudroom
A mudroom is a great place for everyday hats to live. Designating a specific room for storage leads to less clutter and better organization. You’ll know where to find all of your favorite hats! Be creative when it comes to using space—such as hanging hats on the wall or placing them on top of shelves or closets.

Try this hanging hat rack, which is great for caps
This one also includes a built-in shaper!
Or this see-through storage box, which fits neatly under a shoe bench or on top of a closet.

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