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New year, new home? If you’re looking for a truly fresh start, then staging your home is an important part of the selling process—it’ll be what potential buyers see when they have a look around! Get your space in tip-top shape with these great tips:

1. Refresh your floors and walls
All too often, we forget about walls and floors when we’ve lived in a house for a while. However, run-down wallpaper or uneven floorboards can be the reason buyers walk away from a sale. A fresh coat of paint, new wallpaper, or tearing out carpeted floors to reveal hardwood are all things that will make a huge difference to the look and feel of a room!

2. Take advantage of space
People generally want to move into a bigger space, so even if your home isn’t the largest, you can still fake it! Leaving doors open during the staging process will create the illusion of expansive rooms.

3. Organize everything!
The last thing prospective buyers want to see is clutter. Not only will it detract from the décor, It will shatter the illusion of a clean house ready to be bought. Organize your pantry so that no spices or food items are left on the counters, or ensure that all living room books are kept on a bookshelf.

4. Smell is important, too
People buy with their nose, not just with their eyes! Why not light some aromatic candles around the home—it will cover any bad odors as well as giving the space a “homey” feel.

5. Call the experts
Let us handle it all for you! Feel your stress melt away as our expert organizers stage your home perfectly! Contact us here to get started!

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