How To Tackle Your Tupperware Pile Once and For All


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Ah, the Tupperware pile, to-go container stash, or do you call it doggy bag bulk? Whatever you prefer, it’s probably a mess. When you finally get around to going through your stash, you probably house a mess of mis-matched lids and stained containers. See the below tips and products on how to finally get your stash under control:

1. First, sort and figure out what you already have. Match the lids to every container. Once you complete the puzzle, we recommend tossing the extras. 

2. Throw out containers that are old, stained or broken. Did you know that plastic containers are porous and over time collect bacteria and germs? Do you have a container that’s been in your kitchen longer than you can remember? Is it permanently stained with pasta sauce? Toss it!

3. Organize what you keep. An expandable organizer like this one from Amazon allows you to organize lids, regardless of how many you have.  Stack the remaining containers that match the lids.

4. Invest in a new set. If you find yourself tossing a lot of old food containers, get new ones! They’re usually not expensive, and they typically come in sets which fit inside each other and keep you organized. We prefer glass containers with lids. They are  microwave oven and dishwasher safe. 

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